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Zip Core Packaging CAD/CAM software has been created to optimise every aspect of packaging design from start to finish. There are two bundles to choose from: Zip Core Design and Zip Core Design Pro. 

A range of metallic coloured and special effect foils. These finishes are typically used on packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery and much more.

Boss premium brand laminating supplies that include OPP single sided, encapsulating, pressure sensitive laminates, self wound mount film and bloc light films. Ideal for laminating and protecting your artwork.

 Browse our range of digital cutting supplies to enable you to Cut, Crease and Perforate substrates up to 25mm in thickness. Automate your production, increase efficiency and diversify your business. 

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Our Valued Customers

Some of Our Happy Customers!

“We teamed up with Vivid 13 years ago and we’ve never had any issues.  They’re market leaders, the systems are game-changing and their service is brilliant.  Our Investments, the Veloblade Volta and Veloblade Nexus have enabled us to do jobs we never thought we’d be able to do and win clients we never thought we’d get!”


Spiral Colour

“We have been really happy with the support we have had from Vivid as well as the Anti-Bacterial Lamination. The film is a great selling tool and a win-win solution for both us and our customers.”


“We’ve always had great service from Vivid. We initially invested in some laminating equipment nearly 15 years ago and the partnership has grown since then. We invested in the Matrix digital foiling system a couple of years ago and the service has always been great, so it was very easy to make the investment in the VeloBlade”.

Tom Stevenson

Digitronix Ltd